who we are

Verónica, Isidro, Lucía, Malena y Joaquín.

hojita2We got to know the southern area of our country during our frequent visits as tourists and we had always dreamed about finding our PLACE in the world in these lands. When our first daughter came to our lives, we started to think seriously about this possibility and began to work so as to turn our dream into a project. We planned and built our project little by little and after three and a half years of intense work, we got to this first stage, which was accomplished when, in December 2001, we left Caballito, our neighbourhood in Buenos Aires city, in order to get settled in San Martin de los Andes, and on February 1st 2002, the two first cabins were opened.

On decembrer 2006 we opened the third cabin. And during 2009 we finalized our project with the cabin nº 4. Cabañas Aitue is a family enterprise which lets us combine our professions with the place we love.
hojitaVerónica, is an architect, and has worked in architecture studios, in constructions, she has worked in remodelings, designing houses, and she has been involved in construction documentation for towers in Buenos Aires city. She made a castling and changed towers by bungalows. You will be able to appreciate in person the project to which she has dedicated all her love when you visit our bungalows.

Isidro has a university degree in advertisement and obtained a master degree in bussines administration. He has worked in the advertising and marketing departments in agencies and companies, as a consultant for government organizations, and as a professor in private universities. One day he decided to hang his suit and tie and change the offices and desks landscape for woods, hills and lakes.